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The “Intellectual Renaissance” Foundation acquired William Saroyan’s house in Fresno

The “Intellectual Renaissance” Foundation has acquired William Saroyan’s house in Fresno, CA, where the writer had spent the last seventeen years of his life. The house was put to an auction and was acquired by the foundation which intends to turn it into a house museum. After Saroyan’s death, the house was included in the list of historical preservation monuments by the municipal authorities of the city of Fresno. Nevertheless, for almost 3 decades it has been passed from hand to hand and was held in very poor conditions. Once the auction was announced, calls for action were made both in Armenia and the diaspora. Several months later, the house was acquired by the foundation. In accordance with Saroyan’s will, his house will become a place of gathering for students all over the world, where they will be able to carry out research and organize cultural and educational events. Thanks to the atmosphere of the house museum the visitors will be able to feel themselves in Saroyan’s stories. The museum will have a rich library and a park, where literary evenings will be held. The team already plans its first visits to Fresno in order to acquire all the necessary arrangements for launching the construction process of the house-museum.