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On June 10, Saroyan Club's ninth meeting took place

 On June 10, 2017, the Intellectual Renaissance Foundation organized the 9th meeting of the "Saroyan Club" within the framework of the Saroyan House Project.

A number of famous saroyanologists, literature experts, mass media representatives, foreign guests, as well as writer's relatives and just Saroyan's art lovers came together to discuss Saroyan’s works’ translation process.

Armenian Studies Program Coordinator, honorable guest Barlow Der Mugrdechian (University of California) was also invited.

The main topic of discussion was the translation, republishing of Saroyan's works, as well as making famous those works, which are unknown among the wide range of the readers.  The participants passionately discussed the above-mentioned topics, tried to put aside already translated works of the writer, and suggested their approach to the starting process of work. Like previous meetings, this one also didn't take place without new discoveries about Saroyan's life and works, which was another step to bring us closer to the recognition of writer.

At the end of the meeting, the participants drew up the plans for the future project and planned the upcoming actions, which would lead us to have new Saroyan works with firm steps.