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Arthur Janibekyan is a well-known public figure and philanthropist. He is the founder and the chief producer of the Comedy Club Production and the head of the entertainment channels of the "Gazprom-Media Holding" JSC sub holding. Arthur Janibekyan is the initiator and the sponsor of a number of cultural and educational programs which are being implemented in Armenia. He holds professional seminars at the “Skolkovo” management school in Moscow and is a member of the “Snob” debate club. On November 9, 2013, he held a lecture for the students of the Columbian University, the faculty of International Affairs on the “Russian media trends”. He is the founder of the “Cultural Renaissance” and “Intellectual Renaissance” foundations, which aim to preserve and develop Armenian intellectual heritage.

Thanks to his efforts, the renovation of the “St. Hakob” basilica, as well as the construction of the “St. Narek” chapel were carried out in the Vardenis region. In 2013, he acquired a priceless 16th century copy of the "Book of Lamentations" by Grigor Narekatsi and donated it to the Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots. For his work, Arthur Janibekyan received several awards both in Armenia and abroad. On June 7, 2016, he received the prestigious award of the “Russian Media Manager of the year”. In 2016, he was awarded with a medal for his service to the motherland.